What Can You Expect in a Bowen Session?

A Bowen session will involve a number of elements, beginning with a detail case history.

Case History

It is important that you provide as full a picture as possible, covering medication, operations, accidents or falls.  All information is confidential.  The more information you give – not just about the symptoms, but also about lifestyle, exercise, diet and general wellbeing – the easier it is to tailor the session.


Bowen is all about touch and encouraging the body to heal itself

A Bowen session is very relaxing.  It is mostly performed with the client lying on a treatment table, in order to encourage a sense of deeper relaxation.  Other procedures may be undertaken with the client sitting in a chair of standing up.

In fact, it is possible to work in almost any position – in a wheelchair, lying on one’s sides, or even propped up on one’s back.

The most important thing for the effectiveness of the session is that the client is comfortable.

Time Out

The unique feature of the Bowen Technique is the pause between each series of moves.  This is given to allow the body to respond and integrate what is being done.  During these pauses, the practitioner will usually leave the room.  This lets the client relax without feeling that they have to keep up a conversation of that they are being watched.

The pauses vary in duration from client to client and condition to condition.  Someone who is very sensitive to touch, o someone who has lots of muscle tightness, may need longer gaps between a series of moves than someone who is relatively supple.  A Bowen practitioner develops a highly sensitive “listening touch” that picks up any tensions through the tissues of the body.

The practitioner can then vary factors, such as touch, pressure and position, depending upon what is required by the client.

Silence is Golden

Bowen moves work best if the session is carried out without conversation, so that the brain is not distracted.  However, it is important to let the practitioner know if any unusual sensations are experienced, as this will affect the session.


Sensory Perception
a gentle touch is what's needed for Bowen

It is quite common for people to feel mild sensations of heat, tingling, numbness, cold, changed emotions or a whole host of other experiences during a session.

One person may feel warmth in an area of the back that has been troubling them.  Another who has an unbalanced posture may feel as if their leg is lengthening slightly.

Such reactions are common, and are nearly always associated with a deep sense of relief and letting go.

The Gentle Touch

The touch used in the application of a Bowen session is always gentle – nothing that could be painful of uncomfortable is ever done.

After the Bowen session

There are a number of factors that seem to interfere with the effectiveness of a Bowen session.  Exposure to extremes of temperature is one. This would include having a long, hot bath or putting a hot water bottle or wheat bag or even an ice-pack on an area that has been addressed.

Other forms of complementary therapy should not be undertaken within a week before or after a Bowen session.  The Bowen Technique is very subtle, so the work needs to be “nursed” a little in the days after the session.

During this time, the body is still responding to and integrating the moves.  Drinking plenty of water, taking moderate exercise, and avoiding extremes of movement will all help in this process of recovery and repair.


Many people are chronically dehydrated due to their lifestyle (e.g. drinking tea, coffee and alcohol, living in hot environments and taking little exercise) for the average adult, an intake of between 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day is recommended.

In some cases, people have high levels of toxins in the body.  This could be from a build-up of lactic acid in the muscles through too much exercise, or as a result of toxins created by drinking. Smoking or recreational drug use.

Drinking water can be very important in situations where there is slight muscle stiffness or mild flu-like symptoms for 24 hours after the Bowen session.  This is a sign that the body is trying to detoxify.  Giving it water and not sitting too still for too long greatly helps in this process.


You too can experience the relief that Bowen Therapy can give.
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