How to look after yourself after a Bowen Therapy Treatment

 The following points need to be observed for maximum healing to take place after a Bowen Therapy Treatment.

  • On the day of your Bowen treatment so not sit for longer than 30 minutes at a time.  Stand up and allow your electricity to flow through your whole body – even just 10 seconds is enough.  This allows the healing to flow through.
  • Do not use really hot water in the shower or bath for 2 days after the treatment.  Regular shower and bath are OK.  Hot water on the shoulders alters the flow of electricity in the meridians and can slow or stop the healing process.
  • Do not use sauna/infrared saunas for 2 days
  • If sore use COLD PACKS not hot packs, about 15 minutes every hour.


For the rest of the week.

  • Do not cross your legs while you are sitting.  This is a good policy to adopt at all times because it inhibits blood circulation, and tips the pelvis badly.
  • Avoid activities that jar or strain the body. Gentle gym work and no vibration machine work for 48 hours after your Bowen Treatment. DO NOT OVER DO IT!
  • Drink plenty of water (sipping through out the day is best)
  • Walk more.  Walking assists the lymphatic 
  • system to pump out the toxins and debris from the tissues of your body.
  • If you feel sore or sick in the following 2-3 days after your Bowen treatment, this is actually a great sign that real healing is taking place.  If you need to, you may take a mild painkiller such as Panadol (NO Ibuprofen; as it is a muscle relaxer) to help you through, but please DO NOT SEEK ANY OTHER MANIPULATIVE TREATMENT for one week, as this halts the healing process.  Meanwhile, sorry for the discomfort, but not sorry for the healing!  Remember, walking and water will help.
  • It takes 5-7 days to totally rebalance the body after a Bowen Therapy treatment.  Bowtech™ recommends 1,2 or 3 visits, and in some bad cases, you will require more.  Best results are achieved from 3 visits, 1 week apart.  If you don’t have 3 visits in a row, in all fairness you can’t say the Bowen does not work.
  • If you are only having a “Body Rebalance” (Maintenance) for no particular reason other than to feel good, then extra visits are not necessary.
  • If you had jaw work done in your treatment, do not bite into an apple, raw carrots or anything similar and try to avoid yawning, just for today.  Keep jaw as small as you can and no heaving chewing.  Definitely no chewing gum.