What is the Bowen Technique?

The Bowen Technique is a very gentle form of natural healing.  In order to appreciate its subtly and depth, the therapy needs to be experienced.

bowen techniqueOn the face of it a Bowen session involves only light moves, applied to very specific points on the body, with significant pauses or rests between each series of moves. However, what may not be seen by the casual observer is the dramatic and relaxing effect a Bowen session can have on the whole body.

After their first session people often wonder how such gentle moves can have so powerful an effect – not only on their posture and structural problems (e.g. bad back, frozen shoulder, etc) but also on their general well-being.

Studies of various “light touch” therapies have shown that one does not need to use forceful manipulation to achieve significant changes.  In fact, it seems that often the lighter the touch, the more effective and profound the effect.

The level of touch used in a Bowen session is very gentle, and will vary according to the sensitivity of each client.  The practitioner uses her fingers of thumbs to move over muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and joints (occasionally directly over nerves themselves), in order to elicit a healing response in the body.

Nothing is imposed from without – the sole intention of the work is to encourage the body to respond by carefully stimulating its own innate ability to heal.

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The unique feature of the Bowen Technique is the pause between each series of moves.  This is given to allow the body to respond and integrate what is being done.

During these pauses, the practitioner will usually leave the room.  This lets the client relax without feeling that they have to keep up a conversation of that they are being watched.

The pauses vary in duration from client to client and condition to condition.  Someone who is very sensitive to touch, o someone who has lots of muscle tightness, may need longer gaps between a series of moves than someone who is relatively supple.

A Bowen practitioner develops a highly sensitive “listening touch” that picks up any tensions through the tissues of the body.  The practitioner can then vary factors, such as touch, pressure and position, depending upon what is required by the client.

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