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Clinical Body Shaper

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The Clinical Body Shaper is a, non-invasive treatment for the safe reduction of adipose tissue and cellulite.

 It works using a multi-frequency mode that permits a careful, selective release of ultrasound waves combined with “Cavitation” which selectively target fat cells in specific problem areas and safely disrupts the membranes of unwanted fat cells without affecting surrounding tissues such as nerves and blood vessels. The contents of these cells are dispersed via the vascular and lymphatic systems to the liver where it is naturally processed into the urinary system.



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Outer Thighs

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20 minutes – $100

40 minutes – $150

All treatments include a 20-minute InfraSauna session in our iBlanket



Quick Treatment

Comfortable and relaxing

No downtime

Excellent & stable results

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The Clinical Body Shaper is ideal for average overweight clients who live healthy lifestyles.  It is perfect for men and women who want to lose excess fat without resorting to surgery.  It is ideal for targeting abdomen, buttocks and thighs, to reduce and contour the body to a more pleasing shape.

 For best results, we recommend between 7 to 12 treatment sessions, depending on the amount of fat loss desired.  Treatments should be performed weekly and results of up to 3 cm can be noticed after each treatment.

 The results are permanent as the ruptured fat cells cannot be regenerated.  No maintenance treatments are required, though clients are advised to maintain their healthy lifestyles to keep their weight steady and prevent new adipocyte formation due to sedentary lifestyles.

treatment process

The areas to be treated are first photographed, marked and measured.  Treatments are relaxing and pain free.  They last for a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of 40 minutes per visit.  The client relaxes on that treatment bed.   A gel similar to normal ultrasounds is spread over the treatment area. then a handheld flat probe device is glided over the marked areas delivering the multi-frequency Cavitation energy.  Once the Cavitation is completed the client is then wrapped in our iBlanket for 20 minutes, for an InfraSauna treatment.  This helps the lymphatic system excrete the fat and toxins from your body for faster results.  Following the treatment, the client can immediately resume their daily activities.

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